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The Institute of Economics at the Russian Academy of Sciences (Ural branch) is the largest regional research centre specializing in modern Ural complex studies, the latter being a unique natural, geographic, social and economic phenomenon in all its diversity in terms of a broad socio-economic approach. it was established in Sverdlovsk (Yekaterinburg) in 1971.

At present the staff of the Institute consists of more than 120 people including 1 RAS academician, 1 RAS corresponding member, over 30 doctors and about 80 candidates of sciences.

The institute main research trends are as follows:
• Theoretical basics and applied issues of social policy and state policy at regional labour markets;
• Economics and state regulation of comprehensive natural resources use;
• Theoretical and practical problems of rf economic security;
• RF integration into global and regional socio-economic processes;
• Socio-economic systems and institutions evolution and reformation;
• Human potential development policy;
• Scientific basics of finance, credit-monetary and price politics.

The Institute structure fully corresponds to the priority trends of investigations trends. There are 3 departments with 7 operating centres within:
• The department of regional competitiveness includes:
– Economic theory centre,
– Innovative-investment development centre,
• The department of regional socio-economic systems development:
– Human potential development centre,
– Productive forces development and placement centre,
• The department of regional industrial policy and economic security:
– Structural policy centre,
– Economic security centre,
– Regional natural resources use  centre.

the Kurgan, Perm, Ufa, Tchelyabinsk, Orenburg, Izhevsk affiliations of the Institute appeared in order to develop  and apply the methods of substantiating long-term socio-economic decisions in the Ural area.

The results of the Institute research and development are practically used while preparing legislation acts and legitimate documents, developing federal and regional programs. The Institute implements the research works associated with the decisions determined by Russian Federation president decrees and RF ministries and RF subjects administrations orders. 

The Institute is engaged in developing economic substantiations and expertise of large investment projects in industry, construction and transport. in recent years the Institute realized the orders of such notable companies as  “Lukoil”,  “Russian Railways”, the Ural Mining-Metallurgical Company,  “Tube Metallurgical Company” and some others.

The Institute has research contacts with the leading Branch institutes, Russian and Foreign universities, research organizations, including the Research Centre on Comparative Studies of Economic Regulation Systems at Marburg University (Germany), Gdansk technical university (Poland), the Institute of Global Economics at Academy of Science (Hungary), the Austrian University of Economics (Austria), the Chinese Academy of Public Sciences (China).

The Institute has concluded agreements on holding creative joint works with a number of them. They presuppose:
- Development and execution of joint innovation educative and research programs;
- Setting up of joint training-research centeres (basic departments);
- Common researches;
- Common research and practical undertakings (seminars, conferences, symposia);
- Upgrading of educationalists;
- Training post-graduates, magistrads; doctorans;
- Expertise of research qualification works, participation in academic and dissertation councils;
- Providing the training process with highly-qualified specialists;
- Exchange of publications in all the cooperation spectrum.

The training of high-qualification staff is being carried out through the system of post-graduate school and doctorate course in the  following specialties: Theory of Economics (08.00.01), Economics and National Economy Governance (08.00.05), Finance, Monetary Circulation and Credit (08.00.10), Global Economics (08.00.14), Mathematic and Instrument Methods of Economics  (08.00.13). The Institute runs 3 dissertation councils where more than 440 doctors of sciences and over 930 candidates of sciences (economics) have defended their dissertations for the last 10 years.

The Onstitute publishes 2 leading journals in Russia “The Journal of Economic Theory” and “ The Region’s Economics” which are included into the list of leading reviewed academic journals and publications which was appointed by the RF Education and Science Ministry Supreme Attestation Commission.

The Institute accumulated a rich long experience of convening   research conferences, symposia, workshops and seminars, round tables together with home and foreign research institutions, whose aim is to expand and deepen common researches in priority trends of socio-economic development, to combine theoreticians’ and practicians’ efforts in different regions while solving the most complex theoretical and applied problems of new public and economic relationships moulding and development. 

The Institute researches’ works were highly appreciated by the government and scientific circles. It was rewarded by numerous diplomas and medals, e.g. as a winner in the conquest “Business Leader 2005” in the nomination “advanced technologies” in 2006 it received Honoured Diploma for a great contribution into academic science development in the Urals and an active participation in Yekaterinburg development strategy.

High research potential and effective work of the Institute personnel provided the deserved authority in the Sciences Academy System, in higher education sphere and the country and Ural regions authorities, and its research results gained a broad fame and popularity.  

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